Monday morning and a full week ahead in Berlin

This will probably be our most settled week of the trip. A full week in Berlin, with the next competition not due until next Tuesday in Celle Ligure, Italy.

The guys ran very well in Belgium. Lara smashed her personal best in the 800m by a full second with a 2.06.?? no hundreths included. Middle and long distance runners never seem to know these details!! Best of all Lara and the guys got a great souvenir from the meet with their medals. Namur sounded like a great town.

Lauren got athlete of the meet and 1000 euros for the effort. Great result! Athlete of the meet title was based on the Hungarian points table with 56.59 good for 895 points.

BJ ran 50.23 and had a win as well – two in a row.

Training this morning at the Tennis Borussia Berlin track (that’s what I am calling it as that’s the Football team that plays there) and then sticking around for a gym session.

I’ll be doing some standing long jumps and run-throughs. Spikes on Wednesday for me I think.

Author: patbirgan

Australian living in Italy and managing the AIS European Training Centre. In my spare time I like to watch, write, tweet, commentate, manage, immerse in all things athletics.

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