Belgrade done and now onto Rome and the Vatican

It was only a short stay in Belgrade and I1m disappointed I won`t get to see BJ in the final of the men`s 400m hurdles.  I really hope he runs fast and gets that 49.25 he needs for Berlin. He has all the credentials of a sub-49 man with his basic speed and good hurdling. Anyway ive had a fun time here. It was good to see some familiar faces as well which makes being on the road a little easier.

I still haven`t had a chance to watch any of the MJ tributes. I will have to buy a DVD when I get home. I do get a little sad everytime I think of it really. His music was so good.

So off to Rome tomorrow and really the only city I have ever wanted to visit. Im staying about 5 minutes away from the Vatican since my couch curfing dude in Rome couldnt host me.

St Peters Basilica and the Vatican will have to wait until Saturday though as the Rome Golden Gala is on tomorrow night. Lapierre, McLellan and Hooker are competing in a big night for Australian athletics. Should be a great meet too with Gay and Powell in the 100m.

Ill try to get to Vatican early on Saturday morning. I am sure I will have to line up. That will leave the Coliseum and the Trevi (spelling) for Sunday. I have been reading about the cities I am visiting before I go. I think that you should do this out of respect for the people living there.  So Michaelangelo was on the reading list for Rome. I didn;t realise he was soo old when he died. Nor did I know that he had an intense rivalry with Raphael.

I need to find out more though.

On Monday I will hit the road in a hire car and head for St Moritz and Varese.

Now though it`s off for a home-made brandy night cap at the hostel. Im all packed and ready to go at 6am in the morning.

Author: patbirgan

Australian living in Italy and managing the AIS European Training Centre. In my spare time I like to watch, write, tweet, commentate, manage, immerse in all things athletics.

2 thoughts on “Belgrade done and now onto Rome and the Vatican

  1. Many exciting things ahead for you Pat. Mum

    Wish I was with you in Rome Uncle Pat. I’ve played rugby all week at the Gold Coast. It’s been tough playing the Kiwis. Last day on Saturday- Ben.

    Love to read your Blog Pat – so many exciting travels you have had. Boys are well and are enjoying being with their cousins. Enjoy Rome – I am very envious as we all are- Sally

  2. Hi Pat,
    it was realy a pleasure to meet you at Belgrades shuttle bus few nights ago. Remember me the lady in orange who works at the Call center of the Universiade?
    I am very glad that you have a good time at Serbia and I really do hope that you will come back one day again.
    I wish you a pleasant time in Rome and Switzerland (I was there too in Geneva before). It seems that we have been at the same places and that we could talk about the impessions a lot of time.
    Have a nice time and enjoy in dolce vita in Italy.
    Your belgrades friend

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