Back in Bolt Town and the figures 9.69 and 19.30

[Edit: Forgot to publish this at world’s.. oh well]

The last two weeks have gone ridiculously fast. Up at 7am and not home some nights until 2am, but I am loving everything about being here. Brandenburg. Berlin. Bolt.

Am I in my element? Well, top-10 all-time track and field is always where my heart lies. I love everything about the sport, but nothing for me does it like world records and all-time lists being re-written. So Bolt makes this experience one that may never be surpassed, but then Bolt redefines what’s possible. He can quickly turn the greatest performance of all-time into something that is sooo last year.

The 9.58 was incredible to watch and the press conference after was fun to be at. For the 19.19 I decided that I would head down to the mixed zone (that’s where the athletes talk to the media) and see the frenzy first hand.

The whole week I have been reporting live on the Athletics Australia website and have not had a chance to head down so last night we treated ourselves. Needless to say it was a complete frenzy.

Michelle (Cook) from Jump Media gave me the tip of where it would be best to get a shot of Bolt and also ask him a question. Michelle knows the mixed zone well and is a master of getting our athletes to talk even when they don’t want to.

Bolt is a dream for the media. He answers any question and hangs around a long time. I’m sure he gets tired of answering the same questions. How fast can you run? Was that a perfect race? So a while back Richie suggested I should ask about the music he warmed up to. So that was it. The question. Thanks Richie.

He actually seemed a little shocked when I ask him. For the record its Chris Martin and D Major’s Real Friends.

Author: patbirgan

Australian living in Italy and managing the AIS European Training Centre. In my spare time I like to watch, write, tweet, commentate, manage, immerse in all things athletics.

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