The AIS European Training Centre Awaits

Back when I first started at the Australian Sports Commission in 2005 I heard about the AIS’s plans to develop a base in Europe to give Australian’s the best possible preparation for major events in Europe. At that time I dreamed of working at the base and in one week it becomes a reality.

During my Track Tour of Europe in 2009 I took time out to visit Deb Savage and Cathy Perre at the AIS ETC in Varese, Italy. I was only there for a couple of days but that was enough to confirm that I wanted to work there and contribute to the success of the program.

At the end of 2009 and earlier this year I undertook Italian studies with Julie Docker at Australian National University in Canberra. My Italian has improved in this short time but I am most looking forward to “immersion therapy” where I can really accelerate my learning of the language.

Lot’s to do one week out (including trying to rent my room out in Canberra – any takers?) to prepare for Italy but also to make life back home as painless as possible for my team and section at work.

Author: patbirgan

Australian living in Italy and managing the AIS European Training Centre. In my spare time I like to watch, write, tweet, commentate, manage, immerse in all things athletics.

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