I’ve just finished the first year of my fourth stint supporting Australian athletes based in Italy. This time I’m the Centre Manager (at the AIS European Training Centre in Varese, Northern Italy) so I have more influence on how we can provide the best living and training environment for our guests.

I’ve already made heaps of changes. We’ve got a great team culture now thanks in part to open communication, prioritising and our “dieci alle dieci” – 10 minute daily standups in Italian where everyone shares what they’re up to.

I’m travelling to as many new places as possible in my spare time but now I try to “experience” something new too. Like indoor rock climbing in Prague. Canyoning in Interlaken. Learning to ski in Villars.

My partner Alan does 3 months home in Sydney and then 3 months here. It’s working for us, for now, but we will continually assess how we’re meeting the  challenges of a long distance relationship.

In 2016 I’m focussed on gaining more control of life and personal growth. Most importantly for me, this year I am going to start more personal projects rather than just leaving them as ideas.